GLACE AZUKA has put in work in the studio and has worked hard to put together something special just for all you music lovers out there! “The KickBack EP” is an Instrumental EP. Need beats?! This EP is the perfect solution for you and is just what you need! These Instramentals go hard, they’re smooth, fire, and dope!!! Check it out above and enjoy! For Serious Inquiries about Instrumentals, please contact


Arok himself explores and takes it all the way to Atlanta, GA!!! This Event was Presented by Makin’ It  Mag & Broken Chains ENT.



This Event will be Presented by Port Fear Entertainment! Arok and T_Rev will be preforming! Everyone come out and watch a good show!!!



After a long wait, what we’ve all been waiting for is finally here at last… A.T.E.’’s latest Album “Aaron Vs Everybody” *VS*” is offically OUT NOW!!! This album is straight fire, it’s sick, yet dope! This album was Recorded at Kompass Studios and Mixed & Mastered by Arok Hill. Get you’re own copy of  “Aaron Vs Everybody” *VS*” TODAY here and enjoy!!!

T_Rev- “Say That” (Audio)

Posted: January 4, 2016 in T_Rev, x Audio x

`Recently T_Rev of First N’ Flight have heard people “Say That” he pays for his song views. He decides to write a song that tells how it is in realilty and how he speaks about how he really feels as he’s heard people actually say that.This track was Produced by Medasin and Cover Art was desighned by .Give it a listen and enjoy.

This Event will be Hosted by DJ Famous Jason and will feature Arok and T_Rev of First N’ Flight as they’ll be dropping the new and upcoming First N’ Flight Clothing Line!!! Be sure to come out and grab you’re very own First N’ Flight Gear!!!!


A Remix vision of “Palms Up” by T_Rev and Arok of First N’ Flight has arrived! The style of this song gives off a little different Dubstep style, sounding like Techno and is dope. The beat was Produced by AMNLZ. Give it a listen, check it out now and we hope everyone enjoy!!!


TRENT. of First N’ Flight released a debut single forthcoming off his album “The Hooligan” releasing in December! This track is smooth, so tight, dope and TRENT. goes in. This track was Produced by NSD. Everyone give it a listen and check it out now and enjoy!!

H.ope  U  S.tay   H.igh….This track is straight FIRE, so tight, and dope …Oh and that thing of keeping our business….OUR business. Something for the stoners on a sexy tune. This track was Recorded and Mixed at you’re very own Kompass Studios!!

A.T.E. and Arok bring to you, the “Late Night Lover” official video. This is a sexy, smooth, and, FIRE video! Everyone be sure to check it out.  Beat was Produced by Glace Azuka, Models include: Charente Harris & Sasha Sashee and Video is by Dana Morgan & Brick Media. Enjoy the dopeness!!!